5 Useful Design Apps for any Small Business

A logo alone can be useless if you have no means of applying it to your marketing collateral. While advertising and design agencies can apply your logo to marketing material in a clean and professional way that will not compromise your brand identity, relying solely on this can be costly and time consuming.  If you have a small business which often has flash sales or promotions, it is more efficient and economical to be self-sufficient in creating simple graphics for your social media channels.  Although it is important not to “over cook” your social media with fonts and graphics that stray too far from your brand identity, knowing how to place your logo over an image can be very helpful for most small businesses with fewer creative resources.

1.Adobe Spark 

(Free or £9.99 per month for premium)

Adobe SparkCreate impactful graphics and video stories in minutes with Spark’s free graphic design app

Top of the list is Adobe Spark.   Given that Adobe makes most of the industry standard software for graphic design, animation and branding professionals, you can be sure that this little app delivers all the features you'll need to create high quality social media adverts. It has an easy to use interface so anyone can use it and also provides a helpful introductory video which shows its capabilities.  Not only can you place logos and assets on top of photos and images but you can also animate the text to fade in or appear which has been shown to increase engagement on social media when compared to static imagery.

You can also easily select the size of the canvas according to your output.  There is a wide variety of choices from Facebook cover, profile, ad and twitter to instragram, youtube thumbnails and many more.


(Free with in-app purchases and subscription option for pro)


This app is fantastic as its user friendly interface encourages a more minimal approach to designing your social media adverts.  While other design apps rely heavily on a messy plethora of over designed templates, Over has some very simple functions such as placing .pngs and logos on top of images and photos. 

Over is free to download with in-app purchases and a subscription for the Pro Version which provides a wider variety of fonts and graphics.

3. PicMonkey 

(£9.00 per month)



PicMonkey is a great app for creating static ads and promotions in particular.  It is easy to use and also has greater flexibility for picking colours so if you have brand guidelines that use a precise colour you can enter the hex code to match this.

4. Ripl 

(Free or £7.99 for Pro version)


While Ripl is a slightly cheaper option for placing a logo on top of your artwork, its user interface is not as straight forward as some of the others. Unlike the other apps though, Ripl allows you to add music over the animations.  This can also increase social media engagement.  The other downside of this app is that the templates are not particularly well designed however there are options to remove templates so that you can just place your logo on top.

5. Desygner 

(Free or $6.95 per month)


Desygner is a good app for adding your logo on top of images and background.  Like Ripl, the interface is not as easy to use. However, it has the added option of designing  marketing material for print which many of the other apps do not have as an option.

While it can be tempting to get carried away with some of these apps it is important to note that multiple elements over images and artwork can make social media ads look messy and sometimes unprofessional. When using apps like these for your business a "less is more" approach usually works best.

If you are unsure about what to do with your logo take a look at our 5 things you should never do with a logo blog for some tips.

If you are a small business without a brand or logo we can also provide you with this.  Just fill in your details and we can provide you with a quote and our process.