5 reasons why every business should have an explainer animation.

In the past 5 years there has been a boom in popularity of businesses using explainer videos as a means of attracting more customers and creating brand awareness. This is due in part to their affordability as well the hassle-free process in acquiring one.

What is an explainer animation?

An explainer animation is a video, usually lasting between 30 to 60 seconds that shows your customers exactly what you do. 

Why should every business have one?

1. Engagement


When it comes to websites, videos and images always carry more engagement than reading.  Given that part of Google’s algorithm for search rankings considers the amount of time visitors stay on your website, this is very important. In a world of Snapchat, memes and social media we are constantly bombarded with engaging content,  so information presented in text form alone can require a little too much time and effort for the average consumer. Explainer animations can deliver information quickly while maintaining the user’s full attention and interest, all while clocking up time on your website.

2.Brand Awareness


An animated explainer can be designed in such a way that it integrates smoothly into your brand. An explainer can be as creative and innovative as you’d like or as corporate and clean as your brand allows.  Explainers work fantastically when hosted on your website, social media pages or YouTube channel and can be outputted to target a specific demographic. At Animate Studios we work alongside the best digital marketers in the industry who can guarantee your video reaches quality users who are actively searching the products and services your business provides.

3. Affordability


In terms of affordability, animated explainers are a lot more cost effective than film and video.  This is mainly because with video there are extra costs involved such as cameramen, hired equipment, in some cases actors and depending on the explainer, usually involves at least a full business day to film.  Animation does not require this as the only extra costs usually involve a professional voiceover artist and a copywriter.  However, many businesses prefer to use their own script and a member of staff for voiceover, this is one way to avoid extra costs adding up.

4. Process


The process of getting an animation could not be simpler. Unless you decide to write your own script, it begins with telling the copywriter exactly what you want your customers to know. After the script has been written which can take about 2 days, it’s all downhill from there. At Animate Studios we consult via web, over the phone and in person if needed about the next few stages which involve choosing a voiceover artist, artwork style and music.  A full day out of your business is not required, like with film.  Our average turnaround time is about 2 weeks after script sign off.  This is in contrast to video which can require a lot more time to produce as a filming day usually has to be scheduled to suit multiple people which can hold things up. 

5. Established


To clarify what we mean by the word Established, we really mean it makes you look more “Legit”.  Yes, I did just use that phrase. Gone are the days when the only companies that could afford impressive animated graphics were large international conglomerate corporations who have contracts with huge advertising agencies. Nowadays companies of all sizes can advertise alongside global organisations because the high standard of branding and graphics is so much more accessible. In fact, you could argue that not having a brand identity that includes some use of motion graphics could be somewhat detrimental to your brand image because it is so easy to get.  Another point is that a huge portion of the population own smartphone devices which have the capability of displaying not only small gif adverts, previously only seen on the headers of websites, but can now auto play complex animations of any length as a user scrolls through their social media.

To summarise, explainer animations are very easy to acquire and even easier to deliver directly to your customer.  Digital media has changed the way branding and advertising is delivered to consumers and an explainer animation is just the next natural step in digital marketing, so why not get ahead of the game and get yours made!

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