Explainer Videos

See yourbusiness in motion!

Are you having trouble simplifying your message and explaining who you are and why you’re different?  Or do you need a way to make a boring product or service engaging?

It’s easy to lose track of how to communicate what you do with your audience in a way that’s engaging and effective

At Animate Studios our animated explainer videos will help your company:

Bring your product to life and connect emotionally with viewers

Tell a compelling story in way that’s easy to remember

Explain complex concepts to customers in a simple and effective way

Convey your value proposition quickly and clearly

Stand out from the competition with a video that explains easy what you do!

Our Process

After you have filled out our contact form with your idea we will get in touch to discuss the details of your animation.  Our in-house copywriter will then condense all of your ideas into an engaging script while our talented designers get to work on the storyboard and artwork.  After script approval, we'll give you a selection of professional voiceover artists to choose from who we think will get your message across perfectly! The final stage is the production of the animation where our Animate Studios team brings your idea to life!

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