360 Protection Choices - Protect Your Home

Protection insurance for your home

  • The Client: 360 Protection Choices - Protect Your Home
  • Duration: 1 minute animation x4
  • Output: Social Media, website and shop front

The Brief

360 Protection Choices is an insurance broking company specialising in Life insurance, mortgage insurance and income insurance. The client was marketing four different packages targeted at four specific different customers. One animation is targeted towards those who have a family who may need life insurance and critical illness cover as well as income insurance.  The second was targeted at young professionals, the third, at business owners and the fourth was targeted at homeowners.  


Animate Studios had somewhat of a challenge in this project as the animation had to convey a serious tone and the overall look of the animation had to appear soft with a serious message.  To do this we came us with a soft colour palette and drew the characters in the animation in a simple rounded way.  Their faces had to be quite expressive so we made a full facial rig for the main characters which included their eyes, eyebrows and mouth.  The arms and legs of the characters were also rigged to walk and move naturally.

Tone and Feel

We wanted the animation to be factual and informative but without seeming intimidating. This is reflected in the inviting and vibrant colour scheme.

Colour Scheme


The illustrations are very soft and cartoon-like without appearing juvenile.

Character Design
Character Design

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