CADA Animation

  • The Client: CADA Animation
  • Duration: 1min 36sec
  • Output: Social Media and Educational

The Brief

The Coalition of Aid and Development Agencies in Northern Ireland (CADA) is an umbrella organisation of those overseas aid agencies with an active presence in Northern Ireland.  Cada approached Animate Studios to create an engaging animation or motion graphic that promoted the importance of global learning in a world where children are becoming increasingly exposed to international issues.  

The Storyboard

Colour Scheme

Animate Studios had full creative control over the colour as well as the look and feel. CADA's only specification was to keep it creative and engaging. With this we decided to contrast dark greys and navies with fluorescent gradients.

Colour Scheme


Animate Studios made the illustrations quite simplistic without feeling too childish.  Although we wanted to keep it quite serious we didn't want the message to appear too trivial so our approach to the illustration was very different to most other styles we have used.  

Character Design
Character Design

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