• The Client: Chariteer
  • Duration: 60 seconds
  • Output: Website and Social Media

The Brief

Chariteer believes that when a supporter has a truly positive experience with a charity, they will be more likely to donate and donate more often.  Chariteer is a platform which enhances this experience between donor and charity by creating more transparency.  Animate Studios was tasked with creating an explainer that promotes awareness for the platform and why charities and donors can benefit.


Colour Scheme

Chariteer had strong colour scheme which was vibrant but also had a clean corporate feel throughout. We carried this through to the animation, with white background for the majority of the animation.

Colour Scheme


Chariteer has a very strong existing brand identity. This also contained brand assets such as icons and illustrations.  This gave us a very good starting point as we referenced these illustrations when drawing up extra assets needs for the storyboard

Character Design
Character Design

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