• The Client: Esprit
  • Duration: 1 minute 50 seconds
  • Output: Social Media and Website

The Brief

For this project, Esprit Group required an engaging animation that had three parts. Part one had to explain briefly the history of Esprit, part two needed to show what they can do for clients in the hospitality sector and part three had to demonstrate their app and how staff can benefit.  Esprit Group is primarily located in London, so the company wanted to reflect this and make reference to this in the artwork.


Storyboard Roughs

Following the script, Animate Studios divided the storyboard into three parts. These were roughly drawn as shown below.

Look and Feel

The Esprit brand is very contemporary and corporate. The Animate Studios team wanted to carry this identity throughout the animation. This included the way the people in the animation were drawn. Esprit wanted the people to be somewhat anonymous so their faces were removed to keep it neutral throughout.

Colour Scheme

Character Design

Our client wanted the characters to look neutral. For this, we decided to remove their faces and skin tone with only their uniform distinguishing the gender of the employees.

Character Design
Character Design

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