Gym Buddy - Personal Trainers

  • The Client: Gym Buddy - Personal Trainers
  • Duration: 1minutes 20 seconds x 2
  • Output: Social Media and Website

The Brief

Gym Buddy is an app that allows users to find friends to go to the gym with.  It also provides users with locations of local gyms with a scheduling system to choose and book personal trainers while acting as an online management system for personal trainers to arrange sessions with clients.  Gym Buddy required Animate Studios to make two animations targeted at these two different clients.

The first had to target the gym user. For this the clients decided to make it a satirical animation parodying wildlife series narrated but David Attenborough. The animation is a play on the term “Gym Bunny” which is a name given to people who are constantly in the gym.  

The second animation was targeted at personal trainers and gyms. The animation needed to be a little more corporate with no humour, just information.  The tone for this animation was a lot different than the Gym Bunny animation.

The Storyboard

Look and Feel

Although the other animation have a more humorous look an feel, this animation , targeted at personal trainer has to appear more serious while sticking to the same colour scheme.

Colour Scheme

Character Design

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