Jackson Reece

  • The Client: Jackson Reece
  • Duration: 2min
  • Output: Social Media and Website

The Brief

Jackson Reece is a company of experts who are devoted to creating natural,
pure products for babies and children. The company specialises in baby wipes particularly and required an animation that promoted and explained their product's unique selling point. Although the animation is targeted at adults, the company felt that an animation that appealed to children and babies as well as parents would be the direction to go.  Animate studios used a lip syncing and character rigging in creating this "child friendly" animation.

Storyboard Roughs

Look and feel

Our client required the animation to be very vibrant and creative. These colours enabled an perfect transition between those previously illustrated in the brand guidelines and those added for the purposes of animation.

Colour Scheme



Although Jackson Reece had some characters such as the baby and monkey already included in their brand guidelines, Animate Studios had to create several new characters  in order to complete a story that was relatable. This included creating a mother, some talking trees and a blowfish.

Character Design
Character Design

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