Kilwaughter Lime

A corporate explainer animation to promote careers at Kilwaughter.

  • The Client: Kilwaughter Lime
  • Duration: 90 seconds
  • Output: Website and Social Media

The Brief

Kilwaughter approached Animate Studios to create an animated explainer video that highlighted and promoted the wide variety of careers within the company.  They also wanted to showcase exactly what they do, and the many industries that lime is used in whilst explaining how the company has grown since its inception in 1939.


Our storyboard roughs were drawn out to establish how many illustrative elements would be used. As Kilwaughter wanted to keep the animation quite corporate we decided to used more typography and subtle imagery that complimented this.

Look and Feel

Kilwaughter needed the animation to follow their strict brand guidelines which are very corporate/clean. We used the brand colours and added several subtle complimentary colours to add to the transitions of the animation.​​

Colour Scheme


Instead of illustrating vibrant artwork, we felt thin keylines with random use of block colours would work well. This meant the aesthetic was kept serious while allowing some creativity with the transitions of the keylines.

Character Design
Character Design

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