Medtales is a medical app that helps patients and medical professionals connect.  

  • The Client: Medtales
  • Duration: 50 seconds
  • Output: Social Media and Website

The Brief

Medtales is an app that connects patients and health professionals.  Patients can share their experiences and stories with other patients while receiving advice from healthcare professionals. Medtales required an explainer animation to show prospective investors what their app does.


Animate Studios worked off wireframes supplied by the client for their explainer. Although the app was not completed we worked closely with the client to ensure the “dummy” app used in the animation was as close as possible to what the finished app will function like.

Look and Feel

The App had to appear very clinical and monochrome. So we used some of the purples and pale greens to make the animation slightly more vibrant than the app.

Colour Scheme

Character Design

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