Negative Equity NI

A 30 second television advertisement shown on UTV and Sky Tv

  • The Client: Negative Equity NI
  • Duration: 30 seconds
  • Output: Television Advertisement

The Brief

For this project Negative Equity NI required an engaging animation that demonstrated and explained how they can help people in negative equity. The clients wanted to include two characters. They also wanted to include some iconic landmarks in Belfast to keep it targeted to a local audience in Northern Ireland.

Storyboard Roughs

As with all our projects, our storyboards begin with some rough drawn thumbnails. These are then scanned and illustrated in a style that is appropriate to the client's brief.

Look and Feel

For the artwork in the animation we wanted the colours quite vibrant to reflect the bright orange colour of the Negative Equity NI logo. To compliment the orange, the Animate Studios team chose a simple palette with warm and vibrant hues juxtaposed with subtle blue pastels.

Colour Scheme

Character Design

The Animate Studios team developed two main characters for the animation. They needed to look quite expressive so each character had a full facial rig to convey this.

Character Design
Character Design

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