• The Client: Nita
  • Duration: 50 Seconds
  • Output: Social Media and Website

The Brief

The Northern Ireland tourism and hospitality industry has a crucial role in driving growth and profitability so NITA’s role is to speak with the necessary authority as the single representative body for tourism and hospitality sector in Northern Ireland.  Animated Studios was tasked with creating an animation that not only explained what NITA is but had to engage the sectors it represents.  For this we used landmarks and known tourist attractions around Northern Ireland.

The Storyboard

Colour Scheme

Fortunately our sister company, Sugar Rush Creative created the branding for NITA which meant Animate Studios could spend more time illustrating artwork that complimented the readily available brand and guidelines.

Colour Scheme

Look and Feel

For the illustrations we stuck to 6 solid colours with no variations of brightness.  Although this kind of illustration is more challenging because more detail is needed than it would be if other shades of light/dark in the colours were used, the solid colours meant that it was undoubtedly the NITA brand.

Character Design
Character Design

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