Property News

  • The Client: Property News
  • Duration: 80 seconds
  • Output: Website and Social Media

The Brief

Property News required an explainer animation to highlight the features of their new website.  The animation was going to be displayed at the the NI Property Awards and had a tight deadline.

The Storyboard

Colour Scheme

The rebranded property news had strict brand guidelines which Animate Studios kept to. The look and feel of the animation also had to be very corporate without straying too far from the brand.

Colour Scheme

Illustrative Style

On this occasion the Animate Studios team were lucky that Property News had solid brand guidelines with beautifully illustrated icons.  We then applied this style to the further illustrations that were required for the storyboard so that there was a seamless overlap between the pre-drawn illustrations of the brand guidelines and the additional illustrations created by Animate Studios

Character Design
Character Design

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