Q Review

  • The Client: Q Review
  • Duration: 60 seconds
  • Output: Website and Social Media

The Brief

Q Review is a platform dedicated to real time service industry opinions, advice and reviews. Q Review empowers consumers to make smarter decisions with confidence.  Animate Studios were tasked with creating an explainer that informs the viewer about what the site does and why it is important for customer/company relations.

Storyboard Roughs

Look and Feel

Our sister company Sugar Rush Creative designed and built the online platform for Q review. Animate studios knew that the aesthetic of the illustrations had to appear clean and minimal in order to fit in with the Q Review branding. We achieved this by illustrating in pastel colours that complimented the vibrant blue used in the main branding.

Colour Scheme


Thin blue stroke lines and dots were used to illustrate the artwork which included a couple of people and a few interfaces.

Character Design
Character Design

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