Show You Support Us

  • The Client: Show You Support Us
  • Duration: 42 seconds
  • Output: Social Media and MailChimp

The Brief

Show You Support Us in an online platform used to simplify the process of donating to charities.  The animation was aimed at directors of charities who would like an easier more immediate way for donations to be made to their charities via social media.  Our client wanted to emphasise how easy it is to then “share” the donation via social media.

Storyboard Roughs

As with all our projects, our storyboards begin with some rough hand drawn thumbnails. These are then scanned and illustrated in a style that is appropriate to the client’s brief.


We wanted to keep the look and feel very similar to the look of the app so we were cautious about using people and decided to focus more on the screenshots of the application

Colour Scheme

Character Design

Play Animation