Sugar Rush Creative Explainer

An explainer animation to highlight the services of our sister company, Sugar Rush Creative.

  • The Client: Sugar Rush Creative Explainer
  • Duration: 1 minute
  • Output: Advertisement for screen

The Brief

Our sister company, Sugar Rush Creative is a digital agency that makes websites and app.  SRC required an explainer animation to show exactly what it does and the services they provide.  The explainer had to innovate to reflect the high quality of creativity in SRC projects.


For this animation the Animate Studios team decided to explore a science themed motion graphic.  Ideas, experiments and process were all elements we wanted to pull together to create an engaging animation for Sugar Rush Creative.  

Look and Feel

Animate Studios decided a heavy keyline in the artwork of the illustration would work best for this brief. The heavy keyline would mean there would be more flexibility for transitions between shapes. We also wanted to keep the colours very bright and fresh to reflect the Sugar Rush Creative Brand.

Colour Scheme

Character Design

Play Animation