Tobermore Airclean Paving

A three-part animated explainer highlighting the problem with Nitrogen Dioxide, what the company can do to decrease it and why it is good for the environment. 

  • The Client: Tobermore Airclean Paving
  • Duration: 3 minute 20 seconds
  • Output: Social Media and Website

The Brief

Tobermore Airclean paving is a revolutionary type of paving that oxidises and breaks down Nitrogen Dioxide. The client needed an explainer to show why the reduction of NO2 is important and how Tobermore Airclean can help in the reduction. 

Storyboard Roughs

Look and Feel

We wanted to keep the look of the animation bright and fresh to reflect the ethos of Tobermore Airclean. We used bright reds, pinks, blues and yellow to show this. The artwork was drawn with a thick outline to great a modern look.

Colour Scheme


We used illustrations with hard keylines in order to make smoother transitions between frames.

Character Design
Character Design

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