Snapchat Geofilters

Get your brand or eventviewed by thousands!

Snapchat geofilters are the new way to get your business or event noticed in the UK and Irish marketplace. These filters appear on top of any photos taken by the Snapchat app in a specified location of your choice, for a limited time.  Once the filter goes live, all Snapchat users in that location can get access to your filter and use it to accompany any photo! Snapchat geofilters have the potential to be viewed by thousands!

From our Belfast based studio, we can create Snapchat filters for any event whether it be for your business or for a personal event such as a birthday, wedding or anniversary.  Whatever the occasion, Animate Studios can make your Snapchat story unique!

Simply send us your logo design or message or get our team to create a bespoke graphic or illustration. Then tell us where and when you would like the filter to appear on Snapchat! It’s as easy as that! 

Your brand will instantly be visible to Snapchat users in that area at that precise time! 

(Please note ­ it takes up to 2 working days for Snapchat to process any geofilter from the day it is submitted, please be aware of this when you specify the date you would like it to appear. Snapchat also prohibits the use of website addresses or hashtags in all filters, brands with a ".com" in their name may be rejected during submission.) 

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